collaborative work
for beauty

Self sustainability

A painting’s beauty is diminished by
an imbalance of even just a part of it,
such as the canvas size or the position of a figure.

Beauty stands out as an excellent balance
between figures and the background.

We are committed to seriously facing each
patient’s different demands to
pursue his or her own
beauty on your own canvas.


Our treatment Our treatment

Self sustainability

From birth to the end of life, the internal and external aspects of a person continuously change.
In life, where one goes through good and bad times, one may at one point find him or herself in a negative state, unable to feel positive, afraid to take on challenges, or having less energy than when one was younger, for cosmetic reasons. I think we should just change the appearance in these cases of trying times.

In other words, this means becoming “the best version of oneself.”
If doing so can make us more positive, kind to people around us, and happy, our lives will be different.

That is what we aim at in our treatment. We would like our patients to become happy through cosmetic changes.



In spring 2016,
I returned from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan,
one of the biggest hospitals in the world.
Plastic surgeons around the world gather at the hospital
and fiercely compete with one another.
I struggled to see how much I as a plastic surgery specialist
in Japan could compete by sparking discussions and through surgeries and research.、
The fellowship was filled with ups and downs,
and while acknowledging the techniques and information we have in Japan,
I was faced with and seriously thought about
fundamental problems of medical systems in Japan.
My answer to the problems is the challenge faced by the Japanese beauty industry.